Here are 5 Mojokerto Natural Tourism Locations that are Hits in 2022, One of which is Known to be Quite Sacred

- Jumat, 9 Desember 2022 | 19:36 WIB
Low Budget Tourist Destination in Mojokerto (Instagram @ vinniainul1618)
Low Budget Tourist Destination in Mojokerto (Instagram @ vinniainul1618)

SINERGI JAKARTA – The island of Java is indeed known for a variety of tourism and culture which is quite unique, one of which is in the city of Mojokerto.

This article will share 5 natural tourist sites in Mojokerto which will be hits in 2022.

For those of you who are curious about what these tours are, read this article to the end.

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Here are 5 natural attractions in Mojokerto which are hits and recommendations for you to visit during weekend holidays.

Mount Penanggungan with its peak is so beautiful because you can see the ocean and Mount Arjuna and Mount Welireng.

This mountain has quite an interesting legend that seems so sacred and holy.

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Rainbow Garden Poetoek Soeko is a beautiful garden with various types of flowers, so it is often used as a place to take pictures.

At that location, various ornamental plants are neatly arranged, starting from sunflowers and bougenvil flowers.


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