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Bromo Tourism Destinations Issue New Tariffs Due to Rising Fuel

- Jumat, 23 September 2022 | 09:19 WIB
Destinations Issue New Tariffs Bromo (Foto : Instagram@tofenpics)
Destinations Issue New Tariffs Bromo (Foto : Instagram@tofenpics)

SINERGI JAKARTABromo is one of the favorite destinations in East Java because apart from having beautiful natural charm, access is also fairly easy.

But unfortunately the Bromo tourist destination has issued a new tariff due to rising fuel prices so that it has a big impact on the travel route to Bromo.

Quoted from the jktinfo Instagram account, although Bromo fares are quite expensive, this one destination has never subsided from local and foreign tourists.

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The increase in fuel prices does have an impact on jeep transportation services, which are the only vehicles to go to Bromo.

This policy has no complaints from visitors because it is natural to increase due to the impact of fuel.

Saif Hidaya as Head of the Data, Evaluation and Public Relations Sub-Section of the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park said that there was no decrease in tourists due to the change in rates.

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Saif said, “There is no significant decrease in tourist visits to Bromo. Maybe, because in terms of entrance tickets, there is no change in price.”

Monthly visitor arrivals will continue to be recorded for evaluation.


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