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Recommendations for Watu Jengger Peak Tourist Attractions, Hikers Must Visit!

- Kamis, 22 September 2022 | 22:00 WIB
Watu Jengger Peak Tourist Attractions (Instagram @backpackerjakarta)
Watu Jengger Peak Tourist Attractions (Instagram @backpackerjakarta)

SINERGY JAKARTA- The following recommendations for tourist attractions at Puncak Watu Jengger that must be visited by hikers will be explained in this article.

Therefore, check out this article about recommendations for tourist attractions at Watu Jengger Peak that must be visited by Hiking, until it's finished.

Please note, this Watu Jengger Peak tourist spot is very suitable for climbers or Hiking beginners.

The peak of Watu Jengger is not only admired by hikers but other tourists. The tourists are presented with beautiful natural charm with cool air.

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Not only that, the thrilling sensation when climbing will be paid off with the beauty above the Watu Jengger Peak.

The height of the Watu Jengger Peak is only 1,100 meters above sea level. Not so high, of course very suitable as a place to climb for novice climbers.

From a height you can see the beauty of nature that is so amazing. The cold air at the peak was really felt.

Of course, it is very comfortable if you make the peak as a place to enjoy the extraordinary natural treats of God's creation.

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