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10 Interesting and Unique Destinations in Semarang, You Must Visit

- Kamis, 22 September 2022 | 21:20 WIB
Destination Kota Semarang (Foto : Instagram@riyanti.eny_s)
Destination Kota Semarang (Foto : Instagram@riyanti.eny_s)

SINERGI JAKARTASemarang, Central Java, has a variety of interesting destinations that can be visited on weekends.

Here are 10 interesting and unique destinations in Semarang that you must visit.

Quoted from various sources, the following places have interesting stories and history to increase knowledge.

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The first is the Old City which is one of the traces of colonial heritage in the Semarang area with a distinctive European style.

Next is Pandem Ambara Fort which has a unique Dutch architectural style. Visitors will not be charged a penny.

The third is Wilis Park which is located in the center of Tegalsari city, Candisari District, Semarang City with the charm of a beautiful sunrise.

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The fourth is the Gombel Hill destination which has beautiful views with complete facilities such as lodging, restaurants and much more.

Next is Sam Poo Kong Temple, a destination that has a history of Indonesian development in Semarang.


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