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Visiting Aceh Province, Here are Tourism Recommendations in Langsa City

- Kamis, 22 September 2022 | 17:32 WIB
rekomendasi wisata di Kota Langsa (ig/wisatalangsa)
rekomendasi wisata di Kota Langsa (ig/wisatalangsa)

SINERGI JAKARTA – In this article, we will discuss tourist recommendations in Langsa City. This will be very useful when you visit Aceh Province.

Curious where are the tourist attractions that must be visited while in Langsa City? Read this article to the end.

Langsa is a city in the province of Aceh, Indonesia. Langsa city is approximately 400 km from Banda Aceh city. In 2021, the population of Langsa city is 185,622 people, with a density of 707 people/km².

Launching from unews.id, the following are tourist recommendations in Langsa City that must be visited when visiting Aceh Province:

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  1. Langsa City Forest

The first place that must be visited when going to Langsa is the Langsa City Forest.

Langsa City Forest is a forest area that provides a variety of interesting facilities, not only forest views but also playgrounds for children.

In addition, Langsa City Forest also offers outbound facilities for families, organizations, and communities.

  1. Langsa White Sand Beach

For those of you who prefer water and nature tourism, Langsa White Sand Beach is a recommendation to visit.

The beauty of white sand, green sea, and neatly lined mangrove trees add to the beauty of this tourist spot.


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